About Our Farm

Steve Leath and Sons is a wholesale tree farm located in Jefferson, NC specializing in Fraser Firs, Concolor Firs, Norway Spruce, and Blue Spruce. We have been a family owned and family managed business since 1997 and are continuing to grow. 
Our Company

We are a family owned, wholesale tree farm and we sell our trees to brokers, other wholesalers, and landscapers. Our buyers then sell our trees to retailers, lots, homeowners, etc. We currently own and manage 75 acres and 60,000 trees. Every harvest we sell about 3,000 trees but are quickly expanding. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of our trees. 

Strategy & Sustainability

Before transplanting our trees the fields are seeded with clover, making a thick mat across the entire field. The clover seed prohibits weed growth resulting in less pesticide use in our fields, and provides nitrogen to the trees. Starting in April - May, we begin scouting the fields to determine where and how much pesticide is needed. We spray herbicide 2 to 3 times a year and apply insecticides only when needed. During the winter we conduct soil sampling to determine how much fertilizer will be needed in each field.  We fertilize once a year, typically in May. Every year our trees are hand-sheared and shaped, transforming them in to beautiful Christmas trees for harvest. Once our trees are harvested, we replant the exisitng field with saplings and start the process over again.