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We grow and sell Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Norway Spruce, and Blue Spruce trees. Our Fraser Firs are harvested every Fall and sold wholesale as Christmas Trees to other wholesalers and brokers. Our Norway and Blue Spruce trees are sold as ornamentals to landscapers and developers for home, community, and business landscape developments. 
Fraser Fir 

Fraser Fir is a small, evergreen, coniferous tree that is native to the eastern United States. These trees have a uniformly pyramidal shape, pleasant scent, dark green color, and good needle retention throughout the season. These characteristics, along with good shipping endurance, makes the Fraser Fir the most popular Christmas tree species.


We currently have 55,000 Fraser Firs growing on our farm and they range from 3-10 feet tall. 



Concolor Fir

Concolor Firs are also known as White Firs and are native to the western United States. They are a soft green color and their needles are small and narrow and occur in rows. Their needles give off a citrus-like scent, making them attractive to many consumers. Because of their fluffy appearance and attractive scent, concolors are used for both ornamentals and Christmas trees. 


We currently have 1,500 Concolor Firs growing on our farm and they range from 3-9 feet tall. 

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce is a fast growing, evergreen, coniferous tree. Their needles are quandrangular and neede-like. It is native to Europe and one of the most widely planted spruces. The Norway Spruce is more tolerant of hot, humid weather, as well as acidic soils, than other conifers. These trees are typically sold as ornamentals for parks and gardens, however they are also grown and sold as Christmas trees. 


We currently have 3,000 Norway Spruce growing on our farm and they range from 3-9 feet tall. 

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce are native to the Rocky Mountains. They are conical evergreen conifers with densely growing horizontal branches. Their waxy needles give off a grey-green color and have sharply pointed ends. Because of its cold hardiness and it's pyramidal shape, Blue Spruce are often used as ornamentals in various landscape settings. They are also sold as Christmas trees in some regions. 


We currently have 500 Blue Spruce growing on our farm and they range from 3-7 feet tall.